By: Colby Marshall

Government Grants the Every Ontario Home Owner Should know about!

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The Marshall Team is focused on you and your investment. We search out programs available to help you! Available Grants • First Time Buyer HST rebate Program • Secondary (Granny) Suite Grants Utility Grants include: • Save on Energy Program • Enbridge Gas Rebates • Union Gas Rebates • Senior Ownership Grants • Disabled Home Ownership Grants &...Read More

By: Colby Marshall

Making Sure Your “Wish List” is Complete

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Before shopping for a new home, people often create a “wish list” of the features they desire most. That's a good way to ensure you choose a home that best fits your needs and desires. For example, you might want an extra bedroom for guests, ample space for a home office, a local playground for the kids, and so forth. However, many buyers don’t make their lists complete enou...Read More

By: Colby Marshall

When to Consider Buying a “Diamond in the Rough”

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Let’s face it. When you visit a home during a scheduled viewing or open house, you’re usually seeing it at its best. The rooms are tidy. The sinks are clean. The closets are organized and uncluttered. Even the lighting is set to its brightest. That’s just good old-fashioned marketing. However, not every house you see will actually look this way. For any number of reasons, a hou...Read More

By: Colby Marshall

Stay or move? How to decide

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Do you sometimes review the real estate ads in your local paper? Do you drive by an open house sign and feel the urge to stop and check it out? Those are common indications that, at least on some level, you’re thinking about the possibility of making a move. But how do you decide if you should actually move? The first step is to consider whether there are any practical reasons to consider ...Read More

By: Colby Marshall

Understanding Market Value

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If you were going to sell your car, what would you do? Well, you would probably check to find out how similar vehicles to yours are priced. Then you would set your advertised price within that range.What you would be doing, perhaps without knowing it, is determining the “market value” of your car. Market value is simply what buyers today are willing to pay for a particular product. W...Read More